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Wanted to let you know that we visited...

Dear Ledson, Wanted to let you know that we visited your winery this past month and thought it was just beautiful. We snapped these pictures of us having fun and wanted to pass them along to you. We enjoyed!
Sincerely, Cari Lowe

Sincere Appreciation

I wanted to take a minute to offer my sincere appreciation to you for arranging the private tasting last Saturday at your fantastic winery.
This was the first time I had availed myself of this service, and I had no real expectations. But please know that I and my guests were so impressed with the manner in which we were treated, and it served as the highlight of our trip to Wine Country.
Firstly... it was great to see Mike Harris waiting for us upon our arrival. Thanks for assigning Mike to be our server... I had forgotten his name but had not forgotten the wonderful service he provided us back in May 2008. It was great to see him again, and he once again did a superb job. He is a wonderful advocate of the Ledson Winery and Steve Ledson himself. And the young man is quite an impressive salesman!
The room was exquisite, the selections of wines wonderful, and the personalized tasting menus was a great touch.... my guests were duly impressed. And I was very pleasantly surprised when I offered to settle up w/ Mike for the cost of the service... I had no idea that this would be complimentary when I requested the arrangements. Very classy... and I hope that the wine that we bought that day was a sign of our appreciation of both your wines as well as your generosity and hospitality!
The "Corvettes at the Castle" was an added pleasure, especially that my guest is a long time fan of classic Corvettes. He really enjoyed seeing the older Vettes, speaking w/ owners, showing off his own knowledge, and getting a few photo opportunities behind the wheel of a few old classics.
As we worked our way down to Sonoma afterward, we were compelled to stop in at the Ledson Hotel to sip a little more great wine and appreciate the Ledson touch in the hospitality industry. What a beautiful place, with attention to detail that is every bit as great as at the Castle. And we met Samuel.... another real gentleman who has drunk the Steve Ledson Kool-Aid! A great diplomat for the firm... he could not have been more gracious, sharing time w/ us, and offering us the opportunity to visit one of the luxurious rooms.
In closing, I would appreciate it if you would pass long this note to Steve Ledson himself. I come from a large family that was in business together, and am so impressed with the Ledson legacy and the manner in which he keeps it alive at both the Winery and the Hotel. And I would like him to know how much I appreciated the services and hospitality of yourself, Mike and Samuel.... you are all credits to his organization.
Al and Florence Danza

A short email to thank Ledson Winery and Kelsy

A short email to thank Ledson Winery and Kelsy in particular for an outstanding visit Sept 5. All 4 people in the Bost Tasting Group had a very enjoyable event. I am impressed with my Zina Hyde Club membership. Regards...and Cheers.
Walter Bost

2002 Alexander Valley Cab

Just opened a bottle of the 02 AV Cab from Ledson and you won't believe how yummy it is!!!! I'm so glad I've laid it down for a while and glad I have a few more bottles to enjoy later. I wanted to just reflect on my experience with Ledson. By far, it has been the best association of people and wine that I have experienced!! You all do such a great job making each person feel so special when we are there for tastings. You hone in on the individual tastes and help each person have a great experience. There is a Ledson wine for everyone out there. I truly wish I could get out there more often than I do, but am blessed I get to come to Ca. at least once a year. If you find any 2002 AV Cab laying around, please let me know, I'm a buyer for sure!!! Hope you had a great summer and look forward to seeing you again next year.
Cheri Bailey

I would like to Thank You for the amazing time...

Dear Steve,
I would like to Thank You for the amazing time we had at your Winery on July 28th. I brought my Assistant, Jennifer, along with her parents as it was her mother’s 64th Birthday. We were greeted by Olga who was both accommodating and gracious. We bought lunch and ate out in the picturesque vineyards. Our Private Tasting with Marc was unforgettable. He was very informative and gave us his undivided attention and answered all of our questions. Jennifer’s Mother, Gerry, said it was an experience she and the rest us will never forget. I want you to know that we felt that we were treated like “royalty” in your magnificent Castle. I want to extend my sincere appreciation to you and your staff, especially Marc. I am sure that you are aware of his ability to make each guest feel they are very special. Jennifer wanted me to mention that she grew up spending a lot of time with you and your family, and said she always knew that someday you would be the “king” of the Castle...... and that your story is far from over.....
David Cook/President
Cook Vineyard Management


Just wanted to share what a wonderful experience we had at Ledson's.  I've been a member for six or more years and have had the privilege of working with Jerry Padilla.  Jerry is always most gracious, professional and accommodating.  We truly enjoy the experience and the private tasting with him.  

 Jerry is not only knowledgeable about Ledson's wine but he also ensures that the Ledson members experience the full Ledson treatment.  This trip to Napa/Sonoma we decided to stay at the Ledson Hotel.  While I did my homework prior to coming out to the Valley, I certainly did not expect the warm welcome, beautiful accommodations and exceptional level of service.   Samuel was great...gracious host.  Angel couldn't have been nicer and a great source of restaurant referrals.  We also appreciated the historical information. 

 We try to come out to Napa/Sonoma once a year for our personal buying trip and certainly plan to stay at Ledson's next year.   P.S.  The wine arrived and is fabulous as always...  

Jen and John O'Donoghue

Great Job Kelsey


Hi Kristi,

First off, thank you very much for the most wonderful vacation. All of us had such an amazing time. The tasting at Ledson was incredible. You mentioned that it was arranged by the owner of The Chauvet. Please pass along our thanks. We were fortunate enough to have Kelsey Ledson as our host. We were scheduled for an hour and a half in our private tasting room, but Kelsey ended up having such a great time with us, we were there for 4 hours. We felt like royalty in the castle and a couple of us are now proud members of their wine club.Every bit of the condo was perfect. From the welcome bottle of wine and snacks to the hospitality of all your staff. Perfect. I am sorry I did not get a chance to thank you in person. I hope you enjoy your, well earned, bottle of White :0) We had to leave early in the morning to get to Oakland for a job. Reality was not as much fun.

I have a small favor to ask. Gayle absolutely fell in love with the mattress we were sleeping on in the Master bedroom of the condo and wants to see if we can get the name and style of it so we can go buy one. It was really nice.

I know we will be back. Especially for some of the Club member events at various wineries we joined. I also threw it out there to the group that we should make this an annual trip and invite even more people and perhaps get a couple more condos at The Chauvet. I can't wait. Thank you again and I hope to see you soon.

Don Presley

Thank you for taking such great care of our Portland Trailblazers!


Thank you for taking such great care of our Portland Trailblazers! We greatly appreciate your hospitality and look forward to working with you again!
Thank You, Carl Wagner

THANK YOU for everything


Well we are back to reality now… just got back to the east coast last night. I want to THANK YOU for everything you did for Susan and I and the friends (now new club members) that came with us.  No one can stop talking about the fantastic experience.  Please extend our thanks to your entire team… they were all an integral part in making the trip unforgettable!  From Jack and Samuel to Angel and Travis... the list just goes on and on…everyone was so friendly, helpful, informative, professional. Everyone is looking forward to their next visit… For Anne and Andy, Maria and Dave, Wendy and Tyrone… Susan and I cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH…!!!  



Thank you for the wonderful service


Hi Samantha and Jerry,

I wasn't sure whom to send this to, but I wanted to make sure you all were aware of the great service my husband and I recently had during our private tasting with Cyrus on 1/24/09.   We are wine club members, and truly appreciated how knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic Cyrus was throughout the tasting.  Our guests were very impressed with both the wine and service and all in all, it was a terrific afternoon.

Thanks again,
Shannon McShane & Garrett Miller