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Thank You from Georgia


I had to write to tell you what a wonderful time we had at your winery.  My fiancee has a consulting job in San Francisco and I came out to visit her a few weeks ago.  We decided to tour through Sonoma Co. and visit some wineries.  Although Ledson wasn't on our initial list to visit, we were told by a tasting room employee at Gary Farrell that we should drop by your winery.  It was, by far, the best choice we made all day.  The staff at the castle were over the top in the hospitality department.  They were extremely friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.  I have to tell you that Travis was a great host.  And your wines... perfect!!  Your Pinot Noir was absolutely the best I've had. We can't wait to taste all of your other wines.  And yes, we joined the club.

We also dropped by the hotel and received the exact same level of hospitality and professionalism.  It is refreshing to see one hiring people that mirror his own work and life ethic.  Congratulations, and we hope to visit again in the near, near future...many times!

All our best,
Rhett Johnson and Melanie Green

J Wiley Bryant, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl

9/25/ 2008

Brian, on behalf of my wife and our guests I would like to extend our thanks for the terrific wine tasting last Fri, 9/19.  We joined the Ledson Wine Club when we visited with friends last December and since we live 3,000 miles away it's been difficult to get back to your beautiful facility.  You were great in accommodating everyone's tastes and the setting on the veranda was outstanding.  Your efforts were greatly appreciated by all and Ledson now has 6 new fans in addition to my wife and me.

Thank you again for a great afternoon.

Best wishes.

J Wiley Bryant
Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl

Melanie Dunajeski, Kelly & Smith Beckman, Hammond, Indiana


Thank you so much for your hospitality at the private tasting you led for us last week at the Ledson property, as well as the introduction that allowed us to taste the Zina Hyde Cunningham wines at the Ledson Hotel.  I'm sharing your wine club materials with a number of people locally, and I hope you won't mind that I am giving them your name.

 Thanks again-

 Melanie M. Dunajeski
Beckman, Kelly & Smith

Scott Millevoi


I have not had a chance to email you, but we received the wine shipment a few weeks back and the wine thus far has been great. In fact we had some friends over this past weekend and we opened the 2004 Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc and it received rave reviews. I had a glass and it was delicious! My wife was amazed at how good it tasted.

Just wanted to share that with you. Hope you are well!

Scott Millevoi

LeAnn & Phil Zidek

Hi Steve:

Just wanted to let you know how much we love Jerry! We were there last October with friends and had the best time during our private tasting with him. He's so customer oriented and down to earth. Our friends have been there since then, and we were there for the Heart of the Valley weekend. We started out at Ledson, and couldn't wait to say hi to Jerry.

It seems like people are so quick to let you know when they're not pleased with someone, but I think it's important to also make it known when someone does a wonderful job. Jerry always seems to go above and beyond, and because of that, we'll be coming to Ledson for years to come.
Plus, it doesn't hurt that the wine is wonderful too!

Thanks again!
LeAnn & Phil Zidek

Michelle Remeneski, San Ramon, CA


Hi Brian:
I wanted to take the opportunity and THANK YOU for such an outstanding time you provided to our group.  You went above and beyond and we can't even express to you our appreciation.  Thought I'd enclose a few snapshots for your reminiscence of our "crazy group".   All 5 couples are ALL now official wine club members - thanks to you! (One couple not in the photo that came up during another visit.)   The photo of you is particularly nice. ...

Michelle Remeneski

Marilyn & Sean Manning, Highlands Ranch, CO

Dear Randy,
Thank you so very much for the wonderful wine tasting and the fabulous night at the Ledson Hotel this past June. We always enjoy the pleasure of seeing you and the wines that Ledson makes. Our 15th wedding anniversary was super special! Thank you for adding all the niceties. have a wonderful summer and we hope to see you again soon.
Fondly, Marilyn & Sean Manning

Larry and Deanna Falls - Odessa, Fl.

We received our shipment of 6 EA "Clapton" and "Bacigalupi." I haven't opened a bottle of the Bacigalupi - I regret the fact that I let my wife talk me into opening a bottle of the "Clapton" - we both loved it - I have a hard time keeping her away from the rest of it and she has a hard time drinking wines that aren't Ledson. Keep making great wines.

Larry and Deanna Falls - Odessa, Fl.

Carolyn Kachmann

My friends at Ledson,
If there ever were a winery where I could always open a bottle, be it white or red, and serve my friends and family and never doubt that they would be impressed with the quality and deliciousness, it is your winery. Please keep up the good work! Your wine is my very favorite of all the many wineries I have visited all over the world. I belong to a group of wine affectionados who meet once a week and have dinner and share our wines, Ledson always wins!

Carolyn Kachmann

Joyce Wisnosky



Last Saturday 5/24, my friend Steven Struck brought me to visit your beautiful “castle.” We were celebrating my 50th birthday and he had set up a private tasting with Jerry. Unfortunately the traffic from Orange County was not cooperating, we were late for our appointment and Jerry was with another group. Fortunately we got the opportunity to meet Kimber Reese, you have something special there. She said she had been at the winery since March, but that this was only her second time doing a private tasting. I have to tell you I had the best time, it was so much fun. I am not a wine drinker, or any alcohol for that matter, but I did find a couple I liked and Steven was nice enough to buy me a bottle or two along with the wines he purchased. We also had the pleasure of meeting Austin, and Jerry did have time to come and say hello and I believe you popped in and out a few times.

Again I had a blast and Kimber did an excellent job explaining all the differences to me and keeping things going smoothly. Unfortunately I think my palate or taste buds just suck as I was unable to taste any of the fruits or things that you were supposed to taste from the wines. It is possible that this is what happens when you get old!! Ha Ha.

Kimber was telling the story of how the “castle” was not always that, indeed it was a private residence once. The public just wouldn’t go away so it was turned in to what it has become today, a show piece and as I am told one of the best wineries in the valley. When we arrived I did not notice the outside too much as it had just started to rain again and I ran in with my head down. When I returned home to Arizona, I looked up your website. There are some beautiful pictures of the outside of the “castle” which brought back a memory from a long time ago. If you have a few minutes I’ll try to keep it short.

Many moons ago in a land far far away (from AZ anyway) I went to visit my friend Steven who at that time was living in Oakland. We went to visit the wine country. I have this thing for large brick houses with circular driveways and fountains. As we were driving along I saw what appeared to be just such a house, with the beginnings of a vineyard in the front. We stopped the car and I snapped a photo just outside the closed gates. I carried that picture around with me for a long time…if we ever won the lottery!!!

Ironically viewing your website brought that memory back and I went in search for my photo. I swear it is the same house I fell in love with. Now many years later I was able to view the beauty of the inside and have a truly wonderful experience with your group of folks.

Thank you for helping me create new memories,

Yours truly,
Joyce Wisnosky

Deb Carlin

Michael and Thad:

I asked the writer for our IT feature (running this Friday) to visit the Ledson Winery tasting room -- thought it might be helpful for background for her article. She wrote that it was a great experience and I asked her to tell me why. Below is her response. Thought you, Steve and Thad would like reading this.


from Deb Carlin (w/ her permission to share w/ you): What made it different: the greeter or hostess at the door was very gracious without being overbearing, and later made time to talk with us a bit more.

The fellow in the tasting room made everyone at his station feel like family without getting cute, or over friendly. I would have to ask my friend, but I think he uses his middle or last name, David maybe? He was knowledgeable and patient with every level of expertise gathered around the bar, from novices to collectors. He was also funny. My friend bought a case-plus, and all the arrangements were straightforward and seamless. I picked mine up in the store.

Perhaps the difference was the easy graciousness with which things proceeded. The lovely setting (everyone seems to call it ‘the castle’) could produce a stiffness, a formality, that would be off-putting. Or the employees could go the other direction in contrast, and be overly folksy. Instead, they seem to have found just the correct stance. It was fun, it was Ledson, and it was a credit to the Valley’s wine business.

Jim and Barb Williams



Barb and I want to thank you for your generosity and we certainly did not expect compensation in the form of our beloved Ledson wine. I am almost speechless in how to communicate our pleasure and support of you and what a valuable asset you are to the Ledson family. We have served the community in education for over 35 years and have come to understand the value of customer service. You are an example of how that translates into customer satisfaction and Ledson has gained a customer for life and a walking advertisement for your organization. Because of your efforts, our disappointment was turned into a memory of a lifetime. I will always remember my 60th birthday!

Thanks again,
Jim and Barb Williams

Ron and Nadine Sheppard

Hi Jerry,
What can I say, we did about fifteen different tastings and yours by far was the best. Your knowledge of Ledson wine is only overshadowed by your enthusiasm to show all of us a great time. Indianapolis 500 come on out.
Thanks so much,
Ron and Nadine Sheppard

Mark & Jeanine Sullivan


Jeanine and I want to thank all of the staff and family of Ledson for making our visit to Ledson for the Valentine's Day Ball so enjoyable. We enjoyed the party, the food and, of course, the wine.

We especially want to thank you, Jerry, for you exceptional hospitality. The private wine tasting was a real treat and we enjoyed you sharing your knowledge about the wines with us. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Greg Hahn, Ron Sheppard and I have already been talking about a return trip, perhaps for another Ledson event.

Again, Thanks to you and all of the Ledson family for such a great time. I can truly say that not only does Ledson make the best wines, but the Ledson Family is second to none for the total wine lovers travel experience.

Give our best to Steve Ledson and all of your associates.

Mark & Jeanine Sullivan

Pat and Bob Kramek


Last night Bob and I had a bottle of Ledson's Russian River Valley 2006 Chardonnay and it again reminded us of how much fun the almost entire family had when we visited Ledson in December. What a beautiful setting you have the luxury of working in! And, it seemed like everyone went out of their way to be most gracious and excited to share Ledson with us. Karla, thank you especially, for making all the arrangements. And, a special thanks to Ryan who couldn't do enough to explain every vintage in detail for us. Our "tasting" went beyond tasting and it was a fabulous day. Of course, we did order "some" wine for our new wine room and as I said, every time we have Ledson we remember what a great visit we had. Thanks so much. Pat and Bob Kramek
ps....we are looking forward to hearing more about your new winery.

Karen and Joe Lally


We just wanted to let you know what a great place Ledson is. Back in August of 2007, my husband and I took a week off to go to California for our 15 year Anniversary. Our first stop was Sonoma. When we got there we went downtown, there was an art fair going on. We were hungry so we walked the whole block stopped at a few places and snacked and had some wine. Our last stop was LEDSON. When we got there we were greeted by a young man Mike. He gave us a suggested wine and cheese platter to go with it. LOVED the WINE and CHEESE PLATTER. He talked to us about the LEDSON wine and the hotel and suggested to go to LEDSON WINERY then we left. I got to tell you your wine was the best. The next day we decided to check out some wineries. Our first stop of course was LEDSON.
We drove up and just the castle alone was beautiful. When we walked in MIKE was there to greet us. He took great care of us. They all were great. We loved all the wines so much we became a member that day. We now are a member of LEDSON as a matter of fact this April will be our 3rd order. I feel it is important to let owners know what great employee's they have and what great wine they have. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Oh, we will be back real soon.

Karen and Joe Lally

Vance Vanevenhoven


Dear Steve,
My wife and I have been visiting your winery and have been members since approximately 2001. We love your winery and your wines. I wanted to send you a special thank you for the way your winery makes us feel like V.I.P.’s. I have been working with Thaddeus and he has definitely gone above board to make sure that I was taken care of. I also wanted to thank you for allowing me to purchase one of the last 2003 Madera Ports that you had in your private cellar. That really speaks volumes about what kind of person you are. As a fellow business owner I know the importance of customer service as well as a competent manager. My experience with Thaddeus as well as the rest of your staff will keep me coming back for years and years to come. I hope to meet you next time I visit the winery.

Thanks again,

Vance Vanevenhoven

David Oakes

Of my visits to many wineries’ tasting rooms, I have always been very impressed with Ledson in Sonoma County, California. The castle is stunning, and the estate vineyards outlining it provide for a picturesque view.

I was greeted by a very warm and friendly individual, who promptly assisted me to the reserve tasting room upstairs. Next, I was greeted by Thad, the manager, whom assisted me and my girlfriend to one of the private tasting areas. Unknown to me, they brought in cheeses, which were amazing, and an expert to walk us through our tasting. Top notch!
David Oakes