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Chris and Diane Olson


We have belonged to your wine club for about two years. We were visiting your tasting room on 11/15th & 16th and I must congratulate you on your staff. Ryan went above and beyond to make sure we had a wonderful time and were well taken care of, as well as Ashley who also made sure all went well. They both have and outstanding and positive attitude, you should be proud.

Thank you again,

Chris and Diane Olson, Mar Vista, CA

Jack G. Ellis

I want to personally express to you my appreciation of the outstanding job your folks do! In particular, I want to acknowledge that Jerry Padilla is the epitome of "The Perfect Host"! The Ledson name could not be better represented.
Best regards,
Jack G. Ellis

Ron DeChance


Dear Mr. Ledson,

I want to take the unusual step of writing you personally to extend our appreciation for the services provided by one of your tasting room employees Ryan McGorry. My wife Mary and I are Ledson Wine Club members as well as members of really quite a number of other wineries. While not experts in the field, we are fortunate to be able to experience fine wines and fine wineries throughout the state.

The first time we visited the tasting room at Ledson, we were served by Ryan. I don't recall if he gave me a card but the service and personality of this young man required that I write his name down so we could ask for him on our next visit. Unfortunately he wasn't working that day but was working on our several subsequent visits. Each time, Ryan greeted us both by our names (how he remembered us, I have no idea as we certainly aren't famous). He even asked how we enjoyed our purchases and suggested that we might also want to try another wine that he thought we would also enjoy.

Ryan's commitment to Ledson and the wine industry in general was most appreciated. He suggested we try two other wineries in other regions that also produce nice wines and let him know how they compared. His interest in improving himself by learning more about the industry was obvious and something I appreciate in young people. I employ many young people and notice very quickly when one stands out. This young man certainly does.

I would just like to make one more comment. On two occasions, his tasting bar was very busy and Ryan was able to give all of the people great service. Usually in tasting rooms there is always one person or two that is a "self-professed expert" and wants to monopolize the pourer. On both occasions, there was the obligatory patron and Ryan was able to diffuse him with courtesy, respect and professionalism. In fact, another patron commented to his companion that "the young man handled that guy very well."

Please convey our appreciation to your tasting room manager for a job well done in hiring Ryan. He represents you and your winery very well.


Ron DeChance

Tom Gibbons

Thanks again for the wine tasting. We had a great time and you did a wonderful job!! Steve is lucky to have you.
Can't wait for the wine!
Tom Gibbons

Karyn S. Mounsey


To Ledson Winery and especially C. David:

On behalf of myself and my friends, Jerry and Kathie Wallmeyer, I wanted to thank Ledson Winery and C. David for our visit this past weekend. C. David's presentation was fun, very informative and extremely delicious for us. No wonder we spent most of our morning at Ledson.
We anxiously await the receipt of our respective shipments, and you can bet that you'll be hearing from us in the future.
By the way, I recommended Ledson to one of my clients. You may be hearing from him soon.
Again, many thanks for your hospitality and a very pleasant visit. We'll be back soon.
Karyn S. Mounsey

Mari Zatman


Hi Gina and Staff,

At Ledson last Thursday it was a most special tour and event. Of the three wineries we visited, Ledson was the best.

Everything was just perfect. The Ladies raved about the experience.

Your Staff was most helpful, kind, and so efficient. I very much appreciated everything that was done for us.
The Gardens and flowers, the beautiful mansion, lunch and of course the wonderful wine. Every staff member far exceeded my expectations. And I know that many of these Florida Ladies will be enjoying the Ledson wine back home.

I hope to be back to visit with another group soon again.
Thanks for all you did to make this tour special.

Mari Zatman

Kevin & Renee Murray

We met briefly last evening. We were guests of members of your wine club. We had a great time. My wife and I were very impressed by you staff, your wine and your tremendous hospitality.
Kevin & Renee Murray

Derek & Michelle Gray



Derek and I wanted to send you a very much deserved THANK YOU. We brought our friends to your winery March 18th as the final leg of our enjoyable weekend. We had been there many times before, but some in our group were newbie’s. My husband introduced himself to you and you proceeded to lead all of us to a private tasting inside. Our friends keep commenting about how they have never experienced anything like that before. You set us up with Jerry, who was friendly and had a lot of knowledge about the wines. He is quite the comedian. LOVED HIM!!! We met Gina, the hospitality director and she was loads of fun and conversation with her was hilarious. Her daughter, as well, was sociable with all our friends. I guess what we are trying to say is: WE HAD A GREAT TIME!! We keep getting phone calls about when we were going to do it again. We arrange approx. 4 wine tours a year, Ledson will ALWAYS be on the tour. Thank you again for making our trip memorable!!!

Derek & Michelle Gray