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Jeff Bridges



Again, we all had a great time up there. A little extra bonus was the musical inspiration that the event caused. Since Chris and I had those particular tunes prepared, we have agreed to do a charity event in Santa Barbara this Thursday with the same set. I don't think that would have happened if we didn't play the gig up in Sonoma - so thanks for that.

Wow, Steve. Thanks, too, for the very generous offer of sending more wine. I don't want to be greedy. At the same time, I would appreciate anything you could send my way. The wine is delicious and I can't help but want to turn friends onto what we created together and I am close to running out.

I hope the hernia surgery goes well. I had one of those. You can't walk around for awhile, but it's a relief knowing that your guts aren't going to spill out all over the floor.

I'll be keeping the Harmony Foundation in my mind and on my lips and will send folks your way if I think it'll be appropriate. I'll keep my eye out for artists that you might want to get in cahoots with, as well.

All the best,

Jeff Bridges

Glenn & Diane Colacurci

Diane & I are Club Members and attended the Jeff Bridges event yesterday...our first Ledson party. Fantastic!!! It was a pleasure to meet both you & Jeff and have you both sign our bottles of wine. The food was fantastic and the wine is spectacular. We purchased 1/2 case and a magnum.
We recently moved from SF to Santa Rosa, and if yesterday was any indication of the type of "Wingding" you throw, we'll be back again...and often. Thanks again.

Glenn & Diane Colacurci

James Ezell



Just wanted to let you know what a great job Matthew Price did when my wife
and I visited Ledson Winery several weeks ago. The wine tasting and gourmet
lunch which Matthew arranged for us ranks right up there with some of finest
places we have eaten at through out the country. We are looking forward to
our next trip back to Sonoma.

Just thought you should know your people are as fine as your wines.


James Ezell

Chris and Nicolle Lalomia


Steve – We just returned from our trip to Napa and stopped by your winery. We had been given this suggestion by a person staying at the same hotel. They told us to go there and ask for Matt. We went there and met with Matt. Not only did he do a phenomenal job of telling the “Ledson” story, but his knowledge of the wine was great. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting with Matt, and more importantly, loved the wine.


Chris and Nicolle Lalomia

Jade B. Verity

Dear Mr. Ledson,

My husband and I have been members of your wine club for several years now, ever since my husband toured your winery with his work colleagues. Since that time, Jerry Padilla has assisted us with ordering wine over the phone and we have always found him highly knowledgeable, experienced, courteous and professional. Last weekend, I visited wine country with two close friends of mine. During our 3-day trip, we had the opportunity to visit many wineries and sample many delicious varieties of wine. One of the highlights of our trip was our visit to Ledson on Saturday where we had arranged a private tasting with Jerry Padilla. We were, of course, quite impressed with the beauty of the estate and the attention to detail in the architecture of the castle. However, we were equally impressed by Mr. Padilla and his palpable passion for winemaking. During our time with him, he introduced us to some of the finest wines we tasted during our tour of wine country. He was every bit as knowledgeable and friendly as he always has been when we have ordered wine from him in the past. How refreshing it is to meet a professional who is able to combine deep knowledge and real love for what he does every day! Although we kept him longer than we should have, Mr. Padilla never made us feel rushed while we were deciding what to order. In the end, we ordered several cases of wine, and are eagerly looking forward to drinking it with our friends and family over the coming year.

I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write to you personally to commend Mr. Padilla on his hospitality. Ledson continues to be my and my husband’s favorite winery, and this was only enhanced by my wonderful experience during my visit last weekend. I hope that you will place this correspondence in Mr. Padilla’s file, and will acknowledge the outstanding job he does for your company.

With warm regards,
Jade B. Verity