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Incredible Visit

Dear Steve,

What an incredible experience Corky and I, and our friends had at Sonoma!! Each event was one exclamation mark after the other. Your generosity was remarkable.
Your staff from Scott to Jerry to Ken provided exceptional service.
Everyone was so welcoming and friendly! Scott in particular went out of his way to see that the smallest detail was taken care of perfectly. Thank you for letting us use your beautiful cottage! It was amazing.
Corky and I love everything real estate (goes with our profession) and we were fascinated by your developments and construction. We want to see more. You just wetted our appetites to see more.

Dorcas Cecil
P.S. It was great to get to visit with you and Amy and Taylor.

Very Welcoming!

Excellent experience. Very welcoming. Judy is excellent and gave us a bit of a tour of your beautiful winery. By far, the best experience for us. Beautiful grounds- wonderful wines!


Positive Energy

Thank you for making me feel welcome. Marc Mendoza was tremendous with his recommendations, warm spirit and positive energy. Will definitely come back to Ledson.

Tatiana from Calgary, AB

Great Wine Tasting Experience

Josh was great! He explained to us how to taste wine and was very understanding of all our questions. He was very helpful (not pretentious- much appreciated) and funny. Definitely a great part of our experience, he's the best! It was like a museum- but fun!

Clancy T.

Happy New Wine Club Member!

Scott, Thank you so much for our tasting and tour of the Castle. We had an amazing time and I am happy to say we are Ledson's newest wine club members. My wife and I had to join after the tasting. Great wines! Also Brian Davilla was a great host and great representative of Ledson. Talk to you soon. Thanks again.

CJ Nelson

Being a part of the "Ledson Family"

Being a part of the "Ledson Family" is and goes above any wine family relationship you can imagine. We totally respect and have high regard for the Ledson history and heritage--family and great friends mean the world to Steve Ledson and Jerry Padilla. They treat their members like their intimate family members.

Wendy & Tyrone E.

Thank you so much...

Dear Steve, Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to give us the most memorable visit to Ledson Winery ever! It was our pleasure to meet and spend time with you. Hope we can again soon.

All the best,
Bob & Morrilyn R.

An extraordinary day to cherish

Good Day Steve, My name is Matt B. My wife Mary Beth and I visited Sonoma last week. I just wanted to take an opportunity to let you know the amazing experience we had. Glenn and Lorraine invited us to the event that was to take place in Ukiah and subsequently cancelled because of the earthquake.

As it turned out, you so graciously allowed the four of us to stay at your cottage on the grounds of your home. Not only was that absolutely amazing, but we were treated like royalty during our time spent with Jerry last Friday.
It started with an amazing meal and fabulous wines at Hotel Ledson for lunch. Kudos to the Chef! Jerry then drove us to your spectacular winery where we tasted many fine wines. The grounds and the building are breathtaking.

Thinking our day was all about wrapped up with Jerry, it was about to get better. He then drove us to the terrace cottage at the top of Moon Mountain.
Not many words to describe the beauty there. Everything about our time with Jerry and our stay at your place was perfect. It was an experience that we will cherish for a long time. Jerry was a fantastic host and a valuable asset I am sure. We look forward to enjoying our wines when they arrive and sharing our memorable stories with friends and family.

Thank you again for your generous hospitality.
Matt B.

Anderson Valley Pinot Noir

Steve, this Anderson Valley Pinot may be the best Pinot Noir to bear the Ledson label. I generally prefer the big, dark Pinots (e.g., Martinelli or Tantara), but this one, in spite of its lighter color, lacks nothing in the flavor department. It is well-rounded, multi-layered, beautifully balanced, and has a wonderful finish. We drank some before dinner, just to taste it before we paired it with food. It did not disappoint at all. I am glad I got a full case--this one will not last long!

Now that I am reminiscing, I may have to open another one tonight! - Bryan

The 2006 Knights Valley Cab Reserve - So Wonderful

Three years ago my wife and I visited your vineyard for a tasting. We sampled many fantastic wines, but our favorite was the 2006 Knights Valley Cab Reserve. We bought a bottle, even though it was the most expensive bottle we have ever purchased.

We had been saving the wine for a special occasion, and finally opened it last night for our 7th wedding anniversary. We took the bottle to our favorite restaurant outside of Chicago and paired it with a beef and rabbit dinner.

The wine was the star of the night. It was spectacular! After 7 years in the bottle, the wine had matured into flavors that were stunning and really just perfect. I'm not one who normally emails vendors about their products, but the Knights Valley Cab Reserve was so good that I had to write and say thank you for making such a great wine. My wife and I love wine and have been to many vineyards throughout California, but your cab was the best we have ever had.

Thank you for helping to make our anniversary to great. - Larry

A magical evening

It was the perfect evening to relax and take in the beauty that surrounds us! From the moment we arrived, it was apparent that you had thought of everything. We loved sitting under the oak trees as we sipped exceptional wines complimented by an array of artisan cheeses. We were taken back in time to enjoy Steve's history of the family and the land that enriches the quality of our lives. We are always impressed with the commitment to excellence and the warmth of hospitality. The "Castle" was the perfect setting for the Winemaker Dinner and we admired the attention to detail! The tables were elegantly displayed with gorgeous flowers entwined with grapevines, glimmering medallion chargers, fine crystal and china. The 5-course gourmet dinner was exquisite and perfectly paired with amazing Ledson wines. In other words....

You Rocked it out, You Kept it Real, It really was a big, BIG deal ;-)

We had a great time! - Jan & David

A great experience

My friend and I visited Ledson after four days of wine tasting all around both of Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Ledson was a stand-out to us not just because of the beautiful, gothic ambience and delicious wines, but our wine consultant Brittney Palmer was phenomenal. She was extremely well-educated in wines and Ledson's wines and story, particularly. Brittney customized each of our tastings according to our personal preferences and did it perfectly. I like fuller bodied reds while my friend enjoys lighter bodied reds more. The Knights Valley Cabs and Bellisimo were my favorites. I enjoyed the wines and experience so much at Ledson that I joined the Wine Club. Ledson is unique in that it doesn't distribute its wines and it has a high-end deli/specialty foods shop on site where you can purchase food for a picnic and enjoy the scenery. A great experience and I highly recommend knowledgeable and friendly Brittney.
Diane V.

Keep this one on your list

Spent an afternoon with a driver and concierge-recommended list of Sonoma area wineries to visit. First on the list was Ledson, and we were glad it was. The drive up to the building and, of course, the building itself was tremendously impressive. Marc was our host and he did a tremendous job. Truthfully, he made the experience what it was. Not only did he walk us through several wines, paying attention to our palate so that he could suggest selections most likely to please our particular tastes, but his skill, knowledge of wines and vintages, and--most of all--his light-hearted nature and charisma are nearly impossible to beat. Other hosts did well, from what we were able to see, but Marc was beyond excellent.
Good wines, massive selection. We went home lighter in the wallet, but with some excellent bottles and a great experience under our arms.
Tip: 2007 Knights Valley Cab can't be beat, in my opinion.
Jason F.

First Class

We toured about 15 different wineries in Sonoma. Each has its own personality. But this winery is just a must-see because of the building's architecture and atmosphere. Special details are everywhere. I found the service to be superior (Sam was our host). Admittedly, their wine is a bit pricey, but I liked it very much. It seems trivial to say this, but they had a wonderful gift shop, whereas I found many of the wineries did not. I learned much in Sonoma, but felt like royalty here.

They make everyone feel right at home

This place is spectacular and it is hard to believe that it was built less than 15 years ago. Everything about it says, "established, legendary," etc. It is a show place but most importantly the wines and food are excellent.
The staff is friendly too. They make everyone feel right at home. If you forgot to pack a picnic lunch, no worries, the deli staff will make you a sandwich to go with your wine. They have everything, one would need for a picnic at short-notice.
The estate is like something out of a movie, the grounds are stately. Well worth a visit on the wine country tour.
Jonathan F.

We had a great time, in a beautiful location, at Ledson

We've driven by Ledson many times and thought to myself, "vampires live there." But I have to admit, I've always been intrigued by the house and finally decided to visit a couple of weeks ago with some out of town guests. Honestly, I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the winery grounds, the interior of the home, and the friendly and knowledgeable tasting room staff. To top it off, the wine was very good (we did the reserve tasting).You know, the thing about wine is: Never let someone tell you what is and is not good wine. DRINK WHAT YOU LOVE. I truly enjoyed the Gunsight Meritage and the Knight's Valley Cab. Wine tasting is about the total experience. We had a great time, in a beautiful location, at Ledson.
P.S. they have a lovely picnic area behind the house. Grab a sandwich from the deli, and a bottle of wine and enjoy!
Pepper T.

The Winery and Vineyards were absolutely lovely

We stopped here on our limo wine tour of Sonoma. The Winery and Vineyards were absolutely lovely. We did our tastings with a gentleman by the name of Tom and he was great. I believe we paid $15/tasting but my group of 4 actually split two different tastings. Tom was great at explaining things and he wasn’t pushy or a wine snob like I have experienced at several other wineries in the area. I thought the wines were good, it was my bachelorette party and Tom actually gave us a few reserves that were amazing in addition the tastings that were purchased. I will be coming here again and I recommend Ledson Winery as they have really good customer service and good wines.
Megan M.

They were genuine staff and it was a pleasure to hear their stories

My family and I ventured to the lovely land of California, only to be whisked away in a Limo to Wine-Country as a family trip. It was setup for success with high class transportation, impeccable weather and the adventure we were about to embark upon.... Our Limo Driver suggested LEDSON Winery for the scenic view, delicious lunch and open picnic seating. It was the trifecta we were looking for! I spent hours researching the world wide web with reviews and locations to make the best for our family adventure. My friends who are San Fran locals I received their thoughts on the best of the best.... Oddly enough. Nothing was discovered about Ledson.
As you drive up to this Castle you first encounter rows upon rows of Merlot vines. How would I know such a minuet detail? The friendly staff appropriately coupled taste preference with valuable information about Ledson's history and their current valuable offerings as you taste test. They were genuine staff and it was a pleasure to hear their stories.
If you are looking for a laid back afternoon, I HIGHLY recommend coming in the shop and grabbing a bottle of your favorite vino and a hand-crafted panini sandwich. Then grab a picnic bench underneath a big tree that shades you and view the scene; undulating hills, beautiful fountain and lush flowers.
Also, the reviews state that this winery is not recommended for children. I attest that is a great venue to bring a couple of kiddos; we traveled with 1 infant and a 2 year old.
Shannon F

All of the wines were fantastic!

My friend and I were driving by and decided to stop in because it was so beautiful and we weren't disappointed. Ally took care of us, finding out what we liked in a wine and then steering us towards what she thought we would like It wasn't hard because all of the wines were fantastic, but there were so many to choose from... they let you choose your own wines to taste! 6 or 9 tastings... we were enjoying ourselves so much we had to buy some to take home to remember our trip to Ledson. We both thought the Gunsight stood out above the rest, a red blend, and I also bought their Riesling. After getting it home and enjoying it, it was even better than I remembered. I am definitely going to buy more and perhaps join their wine club... special thanks to Ally and Kevin....the best in Sonoma!!
Krissy from Michaels on East Restaurant in Sarasota

5 stars to Ledson Winery and Vineyards

I rate 5 of 5 stars to the Ledson Winery and Vineyards in Kenwood, CA. I often visit the wine country in Northern California including Napa and Sonoma Valleys. I first discovered Ledson blasting past it on the highway making a mental note to return and check 'em out. When I visited Ledson for the first time I was amazed at the beauty of the building (aka "the Castle") and the grounds. Inside is a large tasting room with helpful staff. Unlike many wineries, Ledson has a wide portfolio of wine offerings with several (many) choices for each different grape type. Take Merlot (yes please, I'll have another), they offer several with Merlot grapes coming from different parts of California and some vineyard selections. Being a big fan of Merlot, it was interesting to do a tasting of a few different choices where each is a unique taste. The wine shop at Ledson includes wines and cheeses and additionally several sandwich choices. Being located in (the middle of nowhere) Kenwood and having the option to get a lunch and wine at Ledson made for a nice visit. Bottom line, I am a member of two wine clubs of which Ledson is one. My top choices from Ledson: 2007 Merlot Estate Sonoma Valley, 2007 Merlot Knights Valley and an amazing 2008 Zinfandel Century Vines Russian River Valley.
Jim G

Some of the best you will ever taste

Adult grape juice has never been enjoyed the way that Ledson makes and pours it. I don't give out 5 star ratings like tic tacs so that should be considered when you read this review. I am so impressed with this place on so many levels. First off the wine...some of the best you will ever taste. One of my favorite aspects of this winery is they offer so many selections. At the last tasting I did on 3/4 they had 84 wines...no joke. Now they aren't pouring all of them but if they did that would be too many to enjoy (without really respecting the wine anyway). Britney was my wine specialist (this is the fifth time Britney dropped her wine knowledge on my ASU ears). She was fantastic and knows her stuff. To make this review easy for my fellow vino lovers here is what you need to ask for...

1. 2009 Russian River Valley Riesling Dry (I am not a white wine fan but this one will have your mouth wondering why it deserved such greatness.)

2. 2010/09 Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc (Once again not a huge white wine fan but I can't imagine a hot day without this bottle of joy next to me).

3. 2008 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir (Smokey...rich...imagine a pork shank next to this and you will know every great love song.)

4. 2007 Knights Valley Cab (Perfect in so many ways...let your tastebuds decide but this one is one we will all be wishing we bought by the case 5 years from now.)

5. 2007 Alexander Valley Cab 'Elegance' (I personally own two bottles and will have a hard time deciding which special occasion is worthy.)

6. 2007 Sonoma Valley Ancient Vine Zinfandel (Just drink it by itself...awesome!)

7. 2007 Sonoma County Cepage (Deserves the awards!)

8. 2006 Sonoma County Legend (Simple, everyday, stand alone, no tannin, wish I was drinking a glass right now wine...the Ď08 is also fantastic).

I could go on but those are my favorites. Now letís talk about the actual Ledson grounds. By FAR the best place to grab a sandwich at their store and enjoy a bottle of their wine under a shady tree. Ask for the Noble Blue Sandwich with Blue Cheese, Grilled Onions, Sourdough, Tomato, Lettuce and swiss . . . honestly one of the best sando's you can have while wine tasting. I question why I am not at Ledson every sunny day...enjoy.
Brandon M.