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What Is It?
A RSS feed is a type of web document that is similar to a web page yet different in several ways. Rather than you visiting the page, it is designed for a program (whether an application on your computer or an application through a web page) to automatically visit the links of feeds to which you have subscribed, check to see if anything is new, and then give you an aggregate of all the new content from many different locations. In this way you can have your computer quickly and easily gather up new content from many different websites and present it to you all at once without going to each one individually.

Do I read a RSS feed?
The page is described through a text file that is not designed for human readers... this file is called an RSS XML file. With most of the readers, you will enter the URL (location) of the feed and the program will do the rest! The reader will turn it into something you read.

What type of content is distributed?
The topics for available content is unlimited... however the file formats consists primarily of text, video, and audio files. Some of the various aggregators (computer programs) specialize in one type or another, while others can handle all three.

What is a subscription?
A subscription is simply when you request your computer program (often called an aggregator) to periodically check a specific feed to see if anything has changed. The methods for subscribing to a feed vary from program to program.

What is an aggregator?
An aggregator is a computer program, whether on your computer or on a web page, that allows you to subscribe to a feed and read the contents. The links above are many popular aggregators.

What is the difference between an application on the computer and on the web?
Both perform similar functions and have their positives and negatives. A web based aggregator is available from any computer with an internet connection, while the computer-based program 'lives' only on your computer.